• Solidarity for All is a volunteer nonprofit organisation •

Solidarity for All was formed when Inge and Annemie got sick and tired of watching refugees on TV left to their own demise in Greece, in Turkey, in Calais (France) and elsewhere.


Since the governement was unwilling or unable to provide legally binding and humanely needed shelter, food, medical assistance, and in Calais (France) major ngo’s were absent in the field, they decided to act themselves. And so they created a facebookpage “we’re going to Calais and we’re taking with us …”.

Clearly they hit a nerve: several hundreds of volunteers joined and together in the summer of 2015 they launched a massive campaign to collect clothes, food, tents and medicine and organised their first convoy to Calais.

About 120 vehicles transported over 275 m³ (9711ft³).


They’ve been going back ever since and expanded their work to camps in Dunkirk, Zeebrugge and other spots in France and Belgium, working with other international organisations and volunteers.


And they're entirely fundend by donations and their own work.

Solidarity for All is an horizontal organisation where everybody is a volunteer, nobody gets payed and we all cook, collect and sort out clothes and tents,

drive, get to meet refugees and help where we can.

Since 2016 we expanded our actions to the homeless and people in poverty.

Solidarity is our weapon.

urgent call: solidarity action for Dunkirk!


Dear friends,

There is an outbreak of scabies in the Dunkirk refugee camp. Together with Médecins du Monde (Doctors of the World) we are providing the most urgent medical help.


But scabies is an extremely contagious parasite. After treatment of the people, their

clothes will have to be destroyed and replaced. Which is the reason for this call for your help.

There is an urgent need for:

Clean underwear for : Men, women, children (including the very young ones)

Clean clothing (Everything needs to be replaced!)

Shoes. Watertight (There’s a lot of mud! ) for men, women, children.

Items for personal care and washing products: soap, shampoo, detergent... (No bulk packs)

Food (choose halal, non perishable foods in small packaging)

Baby formula.

Blankets, sleeping bags.


If you are unable to donate any of these items,

we kindly urge you to consider financial help.




Even a small amount is helpful for we are many!




Solidarity for All works on several levels to help refugees.

We collect items, build shelters, give legal advice, raise awareness.



We organise cleaning activities in the camps. The refugees are stranded because they want to go to the UK. So they hardly invest time and energy within the camps themselves. We help them by collectively cleaning and providing material to do so.



We collect tents, shelter, clothes and food to be distributed in the camps and amongst refugees. We accept donations and provide transport to pick up and deliver in the camps.


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We take part in the public debate, organise actions, participate in demonstrations and try to raise the awareness and consciousness of the general public. Because it's freedom for everyone or freedom for nobody.




We build shelters, help in building and organising a kitchen, sanitary installations, move the shelters when needed or ordered by the governement and take in refugees in hotels or our homes to provide necessary rest and hygiëne.